I live in a Fortress of Lies.
Nothing but Mirrors and Eyes,
No Lights, no Skies, nor Goodbyes.
All this Power, yet everything Dies.
From this Tower, every Hour,
Torturing Chorus, Music Sighs,
Just Tries, Denies, Despise,
Despite, Disguise, Revise,
Devise, Defies, more Wise.
They Improvise, Devour, Scour,
Existence Override.
I Lie in a Fortress of Lives.
Fortress of Lies.

Everything But The F Word

Why do people lie? Fear? Fun? Fictitious forever, flames flicker, fire fights for fame, fickle failed flicks, flippant face, far from free, feverish fate, faulty fakes, falsely full, fish food farce, forceful flight, fleeing facts, falling fast, feeling frozen, flash flood flanks fascination, fabulous fusion fuels functions, frowned fantastically, fanatically, fantasy, fabricate fallacy, famine faction, fatal fiasco, feral fissures flailing, fussy, flabbergasted, flaunting foil, forage, forensic, forecast, foresee, foreshadow, foresight, forestall, forge faith, forget forlorn, forfeit fear, fearless forte, forsake futile frauds, fortuitous fortress, fortunate fidelity, fortify focus, formidable favorite, fine, fly, feel, forgive, flourish, float, favorite flavor, feast, firmly fresh, friends, family, freedom, future, fun.


There isn't much I couldn't do, wouldn't do.
But I could never lie to you.
I could never fake it, nor compromise, in the face of my truth.
This does not mean what I say isn't true.
For I am the king of putting the act in action,
when so many loosely say and abuse,
the art of language, so commonly misused.
The universe is kind, the universe is cruel,
a balance obtuse, sardonic by times existence,
cardiac freedom, push and pull, opposing forces,
the possibilities, in reality, belief structures unwind,
all directions, everything new, if everyone knew.
Though I don't have all the answers, I'd always take a shot,
'cause I'd rather try, for my mind is not limited by the sky.
I understand this, not automata, nor careless things I spew.
When I say things, beyond my humor, for I hardly ever say such things,
know that my words are true.
Like noodles in a bowl of soup, like frozen treats down the street,
like a time on a cold windy beach, the subtle stare,
months unfold; running my fingers through your hair.
Something at first that wasn't there,
not meant to be, riding through dreams on the back of a mare,
a knights story untold, nightmares of eventual despair.
I hear 'City Ruins' on repeat,
This melodic stream, so comforting, it's message cryptic, unlike mine:
confused in mind, drifting in memories, knowing what needs to be done,
another song unsung, unlike those nights parked in your world,
where we undressed our thoughts, created touch, connected the dots.
But I could never lie to you.
These are reasons I can't be near, not in fear, but something dear.
Wanting a touch, to smell quirky weirdness; stare at the sun just for fun,
it can't be undone.
So I'll carry this weight and disappear,
for a true Captain must go down with his ship,
and I'll be here, down here, I'll always be here.
But I could never lie to you, know that my code is true.

01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01010000 01000010

A Zombie's Soul

What was once alive was once human was once a life was once a test.
Though through tasty flesh, you were left in a big pile of mess.
Dressed to say goodbye with your one remaining eye, at best, this inner disease may cure me.
I'm counting my last breaths, once in a frenzy, now I'm having trouble to breathe.
The infection that put me in this situation, ran out of shotgun ammunition,
Got chewed out for a foolish decision, dark is my fleshy flooding incision--
sight is blurry now thanks to the loss of blood, encrypted calculation.
Vision starting to turn black, my mind is dying, but my body is fighting back.
I can see, I realize now, trapped inside of me;
my body is no longer mine, controlled by something free.
After so long of being teased and pleased, I no longer will be.
Released from this prison of my inner sea, I'll walk again until my knees are shot,
until my head is severed, until I'm in pieces of gory debris.
This is my story, this is my life, you look delicious, it's time to feed.
Reality is no different than this rhyme, so take your time, your brain's will be mine.
Spread the cancer from person to person like a whore's selfish intention--
intuition through intermission of derision, life's simulation,
sweet imitation without invitation, limited edition,
raped and misshapen, guts are spilling, cut in half by a mindless decision--
wake up at the best part, bored of life it seems, my zombie precision,
fairly unfairly merrily, life is but a dreamt up dreams nightmare,
I'll continue to walk the world feeding as an alive-dead, the final scene.

Fuck Song

Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll
Drugs, sex, roll, rock.
I wanna fuck, fight, pull your hair out all night.
I wanna suck, bite, release your mind every night.
I want to be fucked, sucked, sporadically bothered night after night.
I want lust, fuck, suck me off to make me feel alright.
I want trust, fuck, fuck our brains out tonight.
I wanna not feel to feel to be wanted to not matter to midnights dust.
I wanna lust, take a bite out of your apple pie's crust,
finger and lick, stick and flick, suck on your tits, suck on my tip,
rock the bed like we must, connect through physicalities mental rust.
I wanna get lost, stay high up in what I need the most, bury life's pain in impulse.
I want you to ride with me, beside me, on me, grind me, fuck me, hurt me, kill me,
scratch me, bite me, help me, numb me, keep me, be me, need me, rape me, want me.
Fuck want, fuck you, fuck me, drug fuck, sweat must, on top thrust,
violent bounce, harmonic moans, dick sucking lips, energizer bunny hips,
anywhere, everywhere, from behind to make you mine, in the ass to make you gasp,
in the morning, a part of sleep, down your throat to make you choke, keep, cope.
I wanna want, I want wanna, need you to want, need you to need, to feed, find your inner seed.
Take me any time, that up and down rhyme, to juice out life's lemon and lime,
to make dreams real, to cream and scream, devour it's taste and never waste,
rough and make, rough and mate, rough and create, create and trust, create and fuck.
Put your gun in my mouth, we'll both go down south, blow our fucking brains out,
while Trent shouts and eggs us on, hate and lust; I don't feel anything else at all.
Make me drip, make you drip, crave and depraved, collapse the cave, only save.
Tease and please, drugged and music, fun and done, avoid the sun, fuck the sun.
Pray and keep, get down on your knee's, spread you apart, fuck till we fall apart.
A fuck-less life is no way to live, like old people waiting to give,
like a reason to live, like a season that rocks the car, in and out,
slam it shut, shut your mouth, hostage grip, tie and equipped, enjoy this shit.
I wanna fuck, fuck you all night, I need to fuck, fuck you every night,
you need to find, find the time, you need time, time to make your bodies wine.
Make us feel alive, fuck me tonight, make you feel alright, get fucked just right,
fuck me, fuck you, fuck the world, fuck everyone, fuck everything, fuck song.

Mideathori, Mideadori (Ms Self Destruct)

She cries herself to sleep,
Drifts about in the deep, so hard to fall asleep, she seeps.
She said he said she's mostly gone, gone away to midnights
keep, gone away to try to get some sleep.
She lays entangled, mangled, strangled, creeping thoughts silently speak.
Like the ocean's deep, serene yet neat, OCD to the teeth,
wearing skin-etched colored bangles to the dark sea's looming beat.
She, so bleak, heavens fall in defeat, crumbles and falling, a lonely feature, she seeks, deadened driven, stressed and tearful, inner afreet consumes and leaps, oni surrounds she to reap, clawing from the insides to take, break, lay awake.
She struggles day by day, she hates herself to death today, from one waking thought to another, epidemically she wanders, cataclysmic, I wonder.
A beauty untold, she twists and turns, a puzzle falling apart, the pieces turn to ash, the rest of her cracking like glass, ice splinters her insides, a self-wraths greed, self-muzzled, she crashes, an undying suicide, I ponder.
A movie she keeps on repeat, she doesn't sleep, doesn't know what to do, a probable mistake to keep.
She needs to see, me thinks, not through anyone else except through herself, I know, she knows, but we all need time to cry, we all need time to be alone to show us what everything's worth, to show ourselves just what we're worth.
She doesn't believe, she cries herself to sleep.

Forgot To Forigve

Where I belong,
Earthed and longed, nerfed and strong,
Forgive me, find it in you to forgive,
Cuz it's all I got otherwise I'll be forgot.
Where I forgive me, find it in you, I belong.
I can hold on, but not forever, not like this,
This playful one sided bliss, hit and miss.
You diss, fire bullets filled with past misfits,
Now they miss 'cause I'm fading to not exist,
You will be missed, you will miss.
Play with fire, you're sure to get burnt and crisp,
Play with ice, you're sure to get frozen and picked,
Play with life, you're sure to die twice, die thrice.
Forgive me, I dont want to leave like this,
Forgive me, I dont want to live like this,
Forgive me, I only want whats dead and missed.
Forgave you, resurrections not a myth, set aside your pride and make another pie.
Forgive me, my face never lies, my lips, they never kiss, my eyes,
they always kiss.
Where I belong, I dont belong.
Forgive me, you stay strong, forgive me, I only sing you songs,
forgive me, forgive yourself, forgive me, for a deep dark fucking hole is where I belong.

Passionless Feed

I can still feel last nights drug in my veins,
Something sweet to numb the pain,
Like denials wishing game, like talkings vicious tame.
It's all the same, it's not the same, it's all the same place, it's
not the same pace.
Lose face in favor to self-embrace, but lie and self-misplace, die and
be replaced.
Stomach aches and head aches like the ravenous walking dead, the
hungry breed to constantly feed, this carnivorous need, that mocking
And I beg you please, free me before it gets to me, before it takes
me, before passion leaves, please.

Stay (ENOLA)

not through physical, nor through verbal, but mental, I die beside, I burn beside, never alone, stay alone and realize, realize whats right infront of you and not behind, whats behind will keep you blind, you'll never shine, 9 to 5 on yourself, but I'm afraid I have to clock out and leave just so you can see, finally see, so say goodbye, goodbye to me


I feel sick, my stomach empty, anxiety, so, bad, anxiety, been a long time, anxiety, why, why, why, leave me alone, leave me alone, so sick, not hungry, not thirsty, dry mouth, nasals burn, dry lips, what's wrong, headache creeps, what's wrong, out of my head, leave alone, you're gonna cry again, you don't cry easily, what does that say, I feel so sick and I don't know why, leave me alone, keep fucking with me, keep fucking with me, keep fucking with me, you're crying now, crying in your old empty room, you cry as memories fade, you cry as illusions play, you fight now for reality to stay, you cry now and you don't know why, you die now, you die now, you wish to die now, you wanna run away now, run away now, run away, leaving her behind, she'll find you if she wants to, she'll find a way, I'll be gone, gone for endless days